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Opinion: It’s Been Four Years Since The Police Killed My Son, Eric Garner. I’m Still Waiting For Justice.

When scientists want their data fudged and why you should care

@SecAzar @HHSGov @SGottliebFDA You have stated the problem perfectly: you are intent on combating "tobacco use," which IS NOT the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Tweets and @wapo op-eds from federal officials should not be based on a deliberate falsehood. @LennyMBernstein

Where’s our debate @NYGovCuomo? When is it? Are you SO AFRAID that you will be exposed? Set the date! I’m 100% ready: nothing to hide. Are YOU?
#Sharpe4Gov #SharpeHollister2018 #aNewNY #Libertarian #SaveMainStreet #BreakTheStatusCuomo #Cuomo #nygov #debates

This is a realistic representation of American tobacco control "debating" with vaping advocates:

They call us trolls and drown us out, then pay millions to spread their denial of obvious facts.

This population would benefit from easier access to a safer alternative. They need to hear the message: If you are unable or unwilling to quit, switch to e-cigarettes. #vaping

MICHIGAN: Heads up! Gov. candidate Whitmer "in favor of extending smoking codes and regulations to products such as vapes and e-cigarettes." To join CASAA & get local advocacy tips, check out the CASAA Michigan web page:

Hey @gretchenwhitmer - there are about 100,000 voters you just lost by telling them that the low-risk product they use deserves restrictions like combustible cigarettes.

Oh BTW, most smokers and ex-smokers are working class, black, know, the people you're counting on.

Homelessness, Vaping and Fentanyl: Three More Examples of Bad Media Coverage of Drugs

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