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Every time I hear about a proposed exemption for active duty military from #Tobacco21 I’m reminded of the time Bender and Fry joined the Earth Army for the discount on Ham Gum.

Is it just me?

The #Vaping Industry: "We need clear guidance for PMTA. Like a check list."

@FrankPallone: "I got your list right here:
- Ban flavors other than tobacco
- Ban online sales
- Ban sales to <21
- Stricter marketing rules
- Close synthetic #nicotine loophole
- & charge fees for it."

“There are other ways to address youth vaping without deterring adult smokers from switching to less harmful products.” - CEI's @michelleminton

If you care about continued adult access to life-saving vapor products and are able to join us, please do.

This is Lori. She's going through pure hell. Her 21 yo son passed away in July. She was smoking so heavily, & didn't care. 3 mos. ago she founded Tears for Daniel, a group to help other grieving parents. Now she wants to go on, and needed to quit smoking. 2 mos smoke free today!

@FrankPallone All you're doing is protecting Altria's cigarette empire and trying to shut down small businesses in your district.

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