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I've said it before, I'll say it again: @MarewaGlover is a national treasure. Her submission on banning smoking in cars is a beautiful piece of research and analysis. For those worried about intrusive public health policies, the excerpt below is chilling

IDK if it was PAVe’s talking point or if @CBSNewYork bungled the story, but if anyone wants to reduce the likelihood that people will seek out #fakePot from street dealers, advocate for #DrugPolicyReform instead of opening up a new front of the #WarOnDrugs .


Parents, Advocates Protest Teen Vaping Outside JUUL Offices In Manhattan

::: Checks flow restriction on bottle of bleach :::


::: Wonders how much bleach it takes to seriously injure or kill a small child :::

My God! The laundry room is a deathtrap!

Azim Chowdhury@ECIGattorney

CPSC's E-Liquid Enforcement is Hurting Small Businesses

Certainly no accident that the "mystery lung disease" is making its way into a committee hearing on a bill that will do nothing to prevent people from purchasing and consuming #fakePot on the street.

“ ... while everything around us seems to change, there’s one constant in journalism: If it bleeds, it leads.”

Utah: Five reports of lung problems. “We’re seeing this associated with marijuana oil, definitely, in every case.” Harris advised abstinence from “any fashion” of inhalation of marijuana oils. Same as in California. @CDC still silent...

Youth smoking is strongly associated with youth vaping, but that doesn't mean kids smoked because they vaped. A substantial proportion of young smokers also drink and use drugs. Oversimplifying these relationships makes for bad policy.

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