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E-cigarette Usage Is Associated With Increased Past-12-Month Quit Attempts and Successful Smoking Cessation in Two US Population–Based Surveys | Nicotine & Tobacco Research | Oxford Academic

Only took CTP two years. We clearly should be confident in FDA's ability to police millions of (currently) legal products that will be banned in 2022 or sooner.

This population would benefit from easier access to a safer alternative. They need to hear the message: If you are unable or unwilling to quit, switch to e-cigarettes. #vaping

People Want Governments to Give Smokers Better Choices, Say Majority of 31,000 People Polled in 31 Countries Worldwide #ecigs #vaping

Tobacco companies, responsible for killing 7 million people around the world each year, have tough time persuading WHO delegates their new products can save smokers...But what if they're right?

There is so much bad reporting on e-cigs but this Sunday Morning piece from @tonydokoupil is not one of them!
WATCH: "Clearing the air: Controversy and cautious hope over vaping"

I'm excited to talk about the promise of #vaping to save lives at @nyuniversity

The ITC complaint filed by @JUULvapor was necessary in part because @FDATobacco has failed to enforce the agency's ban on post-8/8/16 #vaping products.

FDA is two years behind in enforcement. And yet @SGottliebFDA wants more regs?

PDF of Juul's complaint

In Defense of JUUL, After the Latest Media Hit Piece.

Strong piece from @aftariak of the newly-launched @Filtermag_org

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