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Great to hear from Helen Redmond (@aftariak) at #SFATA2019 on the need for tobacco harm reduction in vulnerable communities. #ecigs #vaping #HarmReduction

#HeartlandDailyPodcast - #VoicesOfVapers - The American Vaping Association's Battles in 2018
@GregTHR joins @lmstroud89 to discuss @AVABoard efforts in 2018, FDA's recent regulatory moves & what to expect in 2019.
#TobaccoHarmReduction #Podcast

California prohibitionists to introduce a bill next week to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco and nicotine products statewide, including in age-restricted vape shops.

AVA President @GregTHR's comments are below. #ecigs #vaping

“Something is terribly wrong with our sense of perspective when we take the e-cigarettes off the shelf but allow the old-fashioned ones to remain,” says public health researcher @mbsiegel in response to the FDA's partial ban on the sale of e-cigarettes.

Vaping “about 95% less harmful than a normal traditional cigarette” says Michelle Minton of @ceidotorg. But @US_FDA wants to restrict e-cigs anyway:

“There is absolutely no valid public health rationale behind prohibiting the sale of most e-cigarettes, but allowing the real toxic cigarettes to remain on the shelves.” -- Dr. Michael Siegel @tarahaelle

Let’s not overreact about e-cigarettes - The Washington Post Clarity and perspective on #ecigs but one who knows the issue and the players like few others. ⁦@SmokeFreeFdn⁩ ⁦@AVABoard⁩ ⁦@GregTHR⁩ ⁦@CDCgov⁩ ⁦@US_FDA⁩ ⁦@NIH

E-cigarette flavors are good for public health. Why is the FDA cracking down on them?

Advocates (including AVA President @GregTHR): New York's proposed ban on flavored e-cigarettes may not be legal

Best story yet on the (almost certainly) illegal NY flavor ban via @bethanybump #ecigs #vaping

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