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“They have seen how the public has become ever more misinformed about the relative risks of vaping compared to cigarettes,” writes David Sweanor. “They know this information perpetuates cigarette smoking and adds to the death toll.” #ecigs #vaping

"People have been so frightened by media and health groups that they are willing to ignore all the evidence, including the evidence about the benefits e-cigarettes have for smoking cessation." -- @michelleminton of @ceidotorg #ecigs #vaping

HAWAII: (URGENT CALL TO ACTION!) Two bills that would ban the sale of flavored vapor and smoke-free tobacco products (SB 1009) and subject vapor products to a 70% wholesale tax (SB 1405) are scheduled for a hearing TODAY. ACT NOW!

You're wrong, Cher.

Words are like weapons. They wound sometimes. And sometimes they misinform adult smokers about harm reduction options. #ecigs #vaping


Nicotine-induced seizures could be a side effect of vaping, FDA warns - Vox This Is Serious.
Vaping is”SMOKING”

FDA Fearmongering on Vaping and Seizures Puts Lives at Risk

"It is only vaping products, which are rapidly eating into the profits of GSK and Pfizer, that receive this absurd and unscientific treatment." -- AVA President @GregTHR #ecigs #vaping

“It is 35 cases over 10 years. [That’s] three to five a year with millions of users. So [it’s a] one-in-a-million chance, while one out of two smokers die from smoking.” -- @MPEriksen

California Wants to Outlaw One of the Safest Alternatives to Conventional Cigarettes -- from @LopezBauman of @goldwaterInst #ecigs #vaping #caleg

The real epidemic = an epidemic of adults who misunderstand the real risk of vaping. The % of adults that do not understand e-cigs *are* less harmful than cigarettes rose 230%-250% between 2012 and 2017.

"The disparity in who smokes grows larger each year. Those with poor mental health, those of low socioeconomic status, and LGBT individuals are much more likely to use cigarettes."

Approx 15% of LGBT NYers now vape, explains @damonJacobs of @RSI. #nypol

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