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One paragraph: "Lots of behaviors and environmental factors can trigger blood vessels to constrict, *without causing harm*."

Next paragraph: "... [The research] does add to a growing body of evidence on the harms of e-cigarettes."

Uhh, no, it doesn't.

"The evidence continues to point to street-bought vaping cartridges containing THC or synthetic drugs as being the cause of these illnesses," @GregTHR, president of the American Vaping Association, wrote in a statement to NBC News. #ecigs #vaping #harmreduction

Erika Edwards@erikaedwardsnbc

127 people have fallen very ill after vaping. What's going on? via @nbcnews

AVA's @GregTHR explains in the Illinois Business Journal why politicians should be careful before overregulating vaping products. #ecigs #vaping #harmreduction

Vaping risk compared to smoking: challenging a false and dangerous claim by Professor Stanton Glantz.

New blog: my 13,000-word review of a 700-word commentary ... enjoy! contribute!

Join us this Friday as we host @GregTHR for our twitter chat as we discuss Why nicotine products are necessary in the fight against smoking #SaferAlternatives #THR #Vaping #Ecigs #Snus #HNB #TobaccoHarmReduction

Rep. Rashida Tlaib is blatantly anti-science. This is a lie.

"I'm not going to sit here and allow this committee to be used ... to say that e-cigarettes, vaping, JUUL, is not killing our people; they are."

Cigarettes, which are still killing hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, apparently don't warrant being removed from the market.

Remember this the next time ALA and other anti-choice activists claim they are not prohibitionists. #ecigs #vaping #harmreduction

American Lung Assoc.@LungAssociation

We need to protect the health of our nation’s youth and stop the e-cigarette epidemic NOW. We’re in full support of the American Academy of Pediatrics call to remove JUUL from the market. @AmerAcadPeds

My op-ed in today's National Review: E-Cigarette Bans Undermine Decades of Anti-Smoking Efforts

#TheSquad's groping for half-remembered cliches of the '90s tobacco wars isn't a sign of bravery; it's an endorsement of the already dangerous misperceptions around vaping, including the misinformation that vaping is killing people.


Jim Jordan: You've created an innovative product, you've followed the law, and you're employing 3000 people. Your reward is to get pulled before Congress and "get yelled at by Democrats." #juulhearing

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