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HAVERHILL, MA: HEADS UP! Public hearing is at 7 p.m. TONIGHT in City Hall, Room 301. Vapor 21, Flavor ban & more. For advocacy tips, check out the Massachusetts CASAA page:

IN THE NEWS TOBACCO/VAPOR 21: “We all realized that working locally was the secret sauce,” says Crane in an email interview. “There are no tobacco lobbyists at the local level, just parents, doctors, teachers and neighbors serving on local city councils.”

IN THE NEWS: “Rather than looking at how people might get sick, we may start looking at how smokers switching to these products actually have been better in terms of lung function, coughing..."

(Correction) HELENA CITY, MT: HEADS UP! Meeting 6 p.m. TONIGHT in the city commission chambers of the City/County Building at 316 N. Park Ave. For advocacy tips, check out the Montana CASAA page:

PORTLAND, OREGON VAPOR MADNESS HYSTERIA: Just standing with vaping students, regardless of ingredients, considered a "drug and alcohol-related behavior," an offense with harsher consequences than being caught smoking.

IN THE NEWS: "Innovative products, new markets and the much hated ‘industry' doing more to bring about better health outcomes than the UN’s supranational health bureaucracy."

SHAWNEE CITY, KS: Heads up! 6 p.m. meeting will take place TONIGHT in the Bertha Ann Young City Commission Chambers at City Hall, at 16 W. 9th St! For advocacy tips, check out the Kansas CASAA page:

BERTHOUD, CO UPDATE: As Chief of Police Sargent Jim Anderson requested, "electronic smoking devices" are added to town ordinance. Stop over-regulation in your area. Get more info and join CASAA at

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA UPDATE: City Council on Oct. 2 quietly amended the definition of smoking to include electronic smoking devices in places in the city where smoking is banned.

WEST VIRGINIA: Heads up! "Lawmakers should look to significantly increase the vaping juice tax like other sin taxes." Join CASAA to get future Calls to Action. For more advocacy tips, check out the CASAA West Virginia web page:

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