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IN THE NEWS: 4.5% of US adults now vape and 23.6% of them say they've never smoked. ANTZ will paint that as bad news, but it's GOOD news they NEVER SMOKED. If vaping hadn't been available as an alternative, they may have started smoking! #VapingSavesLives

MISSOULA, MONTANA: (UPDATE) City narrowly passes irrational and unscientific ban on the sale of low risk, smoke-free flavored #vaping products (while leaving all deadly combustible products for sale on practically every corner.) Goes into effect 1/25/2021.

In 6 hours, @KnowNicotine, the documentary @JenniBiebertMKE, @JimiJakeShaw, & I have been working on for the last 2 years makes its digital debut on @watchibex.

SMOKING HARM REDUCTION: Today is the #GreatAmericanSmokeout and CASAA wants to remind folks that smoke, not nicotine, is what causes smoking-related disease. Millions have happily switched to low risk, smoke-free alternatives like vapor or snus products!

VAPE RESEARCH: NIH-funded CLINICAL TRIAL (with HUMAN subjects) finds that nicotine #vaping products are "considerably safer than combustible cigarettes." Senior author says "nicotine e-cigarettes and other harm-reduction products will be game-changers."

FOR YOUR HEALTH: 5 yrs after quitting, risk of lung cancer drops by 39% vs still smoking. Yet even decades later, the risk remains over 3X higher compared to people who had never smoked. Learn more about FREE screenings! #LungCancerAwarenessMonth

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: (HEADS UP!) Decades ago, ANTZ laughed away the concern that a "slippery slope" of smoking bans would eventually ban smoking (and now #vaping) even in private residences. The full board is expected to vote on Dec. 1!

ANTZ PUBLIC HEALTH FAIL: Lies about nicotine vaping & reduced access to vape shops due to flavor bans, higher taxes & "non-essential" lockdowns due to COVID-19 has resulted in less low-risk vaping and more cigarette smoking. #QuitLying #VapingSavesLives

ANTZ JUNK SCIENCE: Although most vapers report LESS FREQUENT colds/flu after switching & abstract doesn't reveal if researchers took into account smoking history of vapers, lead researcher on study audaciously claims vaping is "not safer than cigarettes."

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