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HEADS UP-NEWS-UPDATES: "Vape Mail Ban," AK & CT Calls to Action. Heads up VT! Have a voice & buy swag. Romney's dangerous anti-flavor crusade. PHE's latest vaping report--good & bad. MN anti-vaping groups lie. The truth about smoke-free tobacco & more!

ALASKA: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) A 2nd virtual HEARING is scheduled for Monday, March 1 @ 1:30 PM to discuss SB 45, which would impose a 75% wholesale tax on vapor products (devices and liquids) AND ban online sales to consumers. Click link for more info!

IN THE NEWS: Utah Sen. @MittRomney once again pushing for flavored vaping products to be pulled from shelves--endangering the lives of millions of American legal adults--based on grossly exaggerated reports of wildly inaccurate estimates of teen vaping.

NATIONAL: (CALL TO ACTION) Step 1) Submit your VAPE MAIL BAN comment to USPS then Step 2) Message Congress! CASAA not only made it easy, but also included FAQs about the law. Please SHARE this with your friends AND favorite vape retailers/manufacturers!

TAKING ACTION: Don't keep it a secret! Millions of lives depend on CONSUMERS letting policy makers know vaping has IMPROVED their lives. Advocacy is only as strong as it's membership is vocal. Add your voice today by joining CASAA and then tell the world!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: For "The Great American Spit Out" today you'll see articles talking about the risks of "tobacco," omitting the fact that nearly all "tobacco" risks are from SMOKE. Smoking actually has a higher risk for oral cancers! Read the FACTS at:

- Mar. 1 Meeting Agenda Posted.

- See our Call To Action for details

VERMONT: (HEADS UP!) Rep. Ann Pugh calls low risk vaping "insidious," and Gov. Phil Scott says he supports banning vape flavors (not menthol cigarettes.) However, banning menthol cigs or vapor flavors will only increase people smoking "regular" cigs.

“Taxing less harmful nicotine products too highly will make them unaffordable...will reduce their incentive to change to better products instead of cigarettes. This will not help to reduce smoking rates and smoking-related diseases.”~ Dr. Kgosi Letlape

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT: (CALL TO ACTION UPDATE!) The FLAVOR BAN resolution is scheduled for a public teleconference hearing on Mon, March 1st!

Lawmakers MUST hear testimony from CONSUMERS that these bans are HARMING public health! Take action NOW!

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