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CASAA MEDIA: Don't miss our LIVE Advocacy Podcast tomorrow, Saturday, May 15th at 4:30 PM EDT/1:30 PM PDT. This week we have a special guest - CASAA's President, Danielle Jones (@RubrDuckyUrThe1)! Watch on Facebook Live or YouTube!

HEADS UP-NEWS-UPDATES: Call to Action for reasonable vaping bill in Arizona. Good news in Florida. Story of nicotine gum. Nicotine cap bill. Vaping junk science. Misleading EVALI article. Smoking dramatically down in Japan and more!

TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION: Why Prohibitionists Ignore Japan’s Huge Drop in Smoking

“The iron rule of tobacco control mythology is that the tobacco industry and public health must always be in a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict.” ~Clive Bates

MEDIA ANTI-NICOTINE BIAS: EVALI article without one single mention of illicit THC vapes, instead focusing on nicotine products. John Hopkins director blames first "poorly regulated manufacturers and mom-and-pop shops" and now "bigger brands like Juul."

EXPOSING ANTI-VAPING LIES: Alabama's Barbara Drummond (D-Mobile) says it's the "simple truth" that nicotine vapor products "are dangerous, highly addictive, and they are killing our young people.” Except her claims are really the opposite of "the truth."

ANTI-VAPING JUNK SCIENCE: Researchers find that many medical students CORRECTLY believe that nicotine vaping is lower risk than smoking and that it helps people quit smoking, so "awareness campaigns should be implemented" to convince them otherwise.

ARIZONA: (CALL TO ACTION) HB 2682 is a REASONABLE licensing scheme for vapor businesses! This bill would also make certain decisions about nicotine regulations a state-level matter. It's now moving to a House vote & your voice is vital to SUPPORTING it!

VAPING JUNK SCIENCE: Survey shows 3 out of 4 teens who vaped did NOT go on to smoke cigarettes, but focus on those who did to justify nicotine caps & high taxes. They also assume those teens wouldn't have gone straight to smoking in the absence of vaping.

THE MORE YOU KNOW: "You might feel like David in a fight against Goliath because propaganda is a tool of those in power and on top. But remember – David won that fight."

Don't stop telling people that #VapingSavesLives & together our voices are stronger!

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