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Juul Labs Inc., based in San Francisco, makes the Juul electronic cigarette. AP style: Don't use Juul or Juuling as verbs. Also: The term e-cigarettes is acceptable on second reference to electronic cigarettes.

Not surprisingly, well-funded @JUULvapor announces intent to comply with the PMTA requirement by May 2020.

JUUL also announces that they intend to leave the Vapor Technology Association over disagreements on policy.

The #FDA’s reports are concerning, but also highly speculative. Before we accept additional oversight, we should consider the harmfulness of #vaping in conjunction with the harm caused by regulating it further.

"The evidence continues to point to street-bought vaping cartridges containing THC or synthetic drugs as being the cause of these illnesses," @GregTHR, president of the American Vaping Association, wrote in a statement to NBC News. #ecigs #vaping #harmreduction

One paragraph: "Lots of behaviors and environmental factors can trigger blood vessels to constrict, *without causing harm*."

Next paragraph: "... [The research] does add to a growing body of evidence on the harms of e-cigarettes."

Uhh, no, it doesn't.

Given the millions users and collective years of use without such incidents, on balance of probabilities I suspect the culprit here is counterfeit products.

NYC-area harm reduction advocates -- prohibitionists will hold a rally tomorrow in front of JUUL's NYC offices to demand a flavor ban.

If you can attend, please let me know. #ecigs #vaping #harmreduction

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