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In a cafe in Tokyo -- four people using iQOS and three people smoking cigarettes. And one weirdo vaping.

Smells like freedom and harm reduction in here.

Our report on the global nicotine ecosystem is out!

Vaporizers are the fastest growing product category, but "...conventional cigarettes remain the dominant nicotine-delivery vehicle worldwide, with important exceptions such as India, Sweden, and Norway."

The Global Nicotine Ecosystem (by retail value):

Still 95.8% combustible tobacco! China dominates.

Vaping systems = 1.5%, though fastest growing.

NRTs = 0.3%

Applying harm reduction to smoking – Truth on the Market by ⁦@CarrieLWade⁩

Again, another much underused argument. Parental smoking (role modelling) is a strong predictor of youth smoking. Perhaps eliminating smoking for adults through vaping has significant benefits for their kids?

Registration now open for the leading global conference on safer #nicotine products, the 6th @GFNicotine Global Forum on Nicotine 2019: 13-15 June 2019
See you there!

Should be interesting. The storyline of the season seems to involve the town not caring about daily school shootings, so I suspect the overreaction to vaping vs. the lack of reaction to other more serious issues will be the main point.


I can't wait... 🙄

'The Vaping epidemic hits South Park Elementary an all-new episode titled “Tegridy Farms” on Wednesday, October 17..'

ICYM this by @whycherrywhy, read it. The research effort required was modest, but only Jim -- none of the MSM transcriptionists -- did it. He points out how the latest FDA anti-vape grandstanding is actively promoting the worst products. (Intentionally?)

Retired UK senior citizen switched to vaping after >45yrs smoking.
Blood pressure is now normal, night coughing = zero.
Discourse not Division
Debate not Derision
Détente not Deception
@truthorange you are lying 🤥

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