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Chat with @Uber driver from Fisherman’s wharf to hotel; got in 2 mins what #SRNT2019 struggled with for past 2 days. He said: the society’s relationship with tobacco and nicotine is changing due to e-cigarettes and we may need a few more decades to figure out what that means...

Truth Telling about Tobacco and Nicotine. ⁦I have a long list of people who should take heed of this.

Interesting poster at #SRNT2019. Turns out that teen vapers' frequency of use tends to decline over time.

How do convenience samples from vaper networks compare to population based sames of vapers?

Done in Australia by Ron Borland and others, so it's of lawbreakers. #SRNT2019

Impact of brief nicotine messaging on nicotine related beliefs in a US online sample. #srnt2019


GSU study on smokers' response to messages communicating comparative risk of e-cigs and cigarettes. #SRNT2019


Did Twitter punish users who shared criticism of an egregiously misleading Defense Department claim about the risks of smokeless tobacco?

Flavor restrictions reduce e-cig demand for switchers, but not for dual users (since dual users haven't regained their taste buds and tend to use tobacco flavors). #srnt2019

Interesting stuff going on out in San Francisco where the anti-vaping Professor Stanton Glantz, a recipient of millions in federal grants, is being protested by #metoo activists demanding answers about the allegations of sexual misconduct. #SRNT2019

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