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“That the public perception of e-cigarettes diverts so radically from the actual evidence raises the question: Why? This paper makes the case that the confusion is the intended result of an orchestrated disinformation campaign ...

Denial of harm reduction for drug users is made easier by campaigns against safer alternatives for smoking from other mainstream orgs. False science claiming to show 'population-level harm' used to justify denying adults access to safer products and methods.

Alex Gertner@setmoreoff

7/ It's hard to overstate how shocking it is for mainstream organization like @BrookingsInst to host a view that harm reduction increases risk. This is in line with arguments during HIV crisis that we shouldn't provide condoms and anti-virals since it'd increase risky behaviors.

US adult #smoking prevalence rates for first half on 2018.

* Overall rate continues to be below 2017 rate of 14% (13.8%)
* Men (15.6%) smoke more than women (12.1%)
* Whites (15.9%) smoke more than blacks (13.9%)

Let's strive for single digits!

A disgrace and an embarrassment to @FDATobacco & @SGottliebFDA. The most harmful consumer products in the world are on sale on every street corner. The life-saving massively reduced-risk alternative is unavailable, tangled in red-tape and thwarted by ideological opposition. #Fail

Update: My dad just called to tell me, “No more cigarettes.” It’s been two weeks since he first started using a Juul. To my surprise, he went to a smoke shop on his own to buy more pods.

Mayan helped her wife become smoke-free by switching to #vaping. It's time to legalise #vaping in Australia to save lives.

This is the answer when skeptics ask why vapers "need" flavors, or scoff and argue that flavors are "child-appealing." They simply don't understand.

Vaping *is* flavors; it's flavors that give the product a fighting chance to compete with cigarettes for a smoker's interest.

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