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The teen suicide rate is up 70% over a 10 year period. Call me silly, but this concerns me more than vaping via @usatoday

1) @shamannwalton you have the audacity to tell me to my have l face and everyone in the room, that you don't care about my business and you don't care if I go out of business. That's some great leadership there.

But by the way, tobacco companies will be just fine. Altria, which took a major stake in Juul last year, has publicly backed T-21 and recently flooded Hulu with ads to raise the age. These are relatively small dips and they've already begun to recover:

@truthinitiative Young adults you say? It's no surprise, then, that vaping is behind this massive decline in smoking rates among young adults. Psst... this is your graph.

Big Tobacco, sugarcoat, mask... yada yada,.... yawn.

Market forces produce dramatic decline in Japan cigarette sales, while @FDACTP holds IQOS reduced-risk product hostage, depriving American smokers of a popular harm-reduction aid…while the death toll continues

New piece hot of the press from me and @DrNLindson in the @ConversationUK based on our new @CochraneTAG review, looking at ways to optimise use of nicotine replacement therapy to quit smoking

Study commissioned by FDA finds that “Minors who tried combustible cigarettes were more likely to be habitual smokers at ages 18–21 years than those who tried e-cigarettes alone.”

“We’re not afraid of cannibalization.” - Jacek Olczak #Unsmoke Rite Aid agreeing to halt the sale of e-cigarettes is a public health tragedy in two parts.

McConnell introducing bill to raise age to buy tobacco to 21

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