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This isn’t our first OD crisis.

During prohibition, alcohol deaths surged due to unknown potency & methanol toxicity.

Legalization & regulation was the answer.

Just like today.

Prohibition = death

“Adhering to the principle of harm reduction, which would actually enable the phasing out of cigarettes in favour of other nicotine products, risks violating an ideological opposition to tobacco and nicotine.”

"vaping has not undermined the declines in adult smoking. Increasingly incorrect perceptions among the public about the harms of vaping could prevent some smokers using vaping products to quit smoking. A ban on flavored liquids could have adverse effects"

"US adult dual users of e-cigarettes and cigarettes who perceive e-cigarettes as less harmful than cigarettes are more likely to switch to exclusive e-cigarette use,..and less likely to switch to exclusive cigarette use 1 year later.."

This is happening because the free nic patches and counseling are not working for the residents. We need more solutions to reduce the misery and death from smoking, not less. @GovWhitmer @MDHHS_Director @DrKhaldun @SenAricNesbitt @SenEdMcBroom @RepMarkkanen @MIGOP @MichiganDems

Came in on a day off to help a nursing home resident with MS and his nurse, both w/ device issues. Going forward, I'm starting regular deliveries to the home, demos and instructional classes for residents and nurses. Meanwhile @MichiganHHS collects Bloomberg/pharma$$ to ban ecigs

This is what prohibition looks like. I'm sure there are not too many purveyors of alcohol and tobacco who end up mutilated, leaving their family to pick up the pieces.

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