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Local anti-smoking (and vaping) law predictably used as a reason for a police officer to initiate an otherwise completely unnecessary interaction. #LaMesa

UK health officials recognize vaping helps smokers quit rather than “portraying it as a trap to lure kids."

Study in mental health ward found smokers' health improved when they quit by #VapingNicotine and "also saw other aspects of mental health improve.”

I am urging all my colleagues to boycott the journal @IJERPH_MDPI. Someone on their editorial board just had them censor the publication of a paper by a colleague and me - which had passed peer review and been accepted for publication - because it was not properly anti-tobacco.

“It has been good to see health organizations promote vaping.” A cut-price vapes program for overloaded staffers in the UK's NHS has seen record uptake:

Distillers and breweries make hand sanitizer = Heroes

Vapor manufacturers make hand sanitizer = Opportunists.

(Also, still no evidence that vaping affects spread or progression of COVID19)

“Even if vaping was significantly less hazardous, and we don’t know that for sure, it is still a dangerous product.” Even *Stanton f*ing Glantz* admits vaping nicotine is less harmful than smoking. & in what world is a product responsible for ~0 deaths considered "dangerous?"

"Extremists are incapable of acknowledging the most incontrovertible facts. Despite their denials, inhaling vapor has been proven vastly safer than inhaling toxic smoke." via @BradRodu

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