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What is Joe Biden’s plan to stop recipe bloggers from telling a long, unskippable, mostly unrelated childhood memory before sharing the damn recipe?

"Science at the WH: Trump tests the likelihood of contracting coronavirus from a turkey; CDC still has no clear turkey mitigation strategy."

Thor Benson@thor_benson

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I’ve had asthma since I was 2.

This episode was super personal for me.

If you have #asthma and you #smoke, please consider switching to #vaping.

Here’s what you need to know 👇🏼

"The report goes on to say there is 'no national consensus' on how to classify restraint-related deaths involving law enforcement."

I'm just a back-country hyper-chicken, but it seems to me that 'murder' fits the bill here.

Nicotine studies launched in France, including a study in ICU pts. Meanwhile, Bloomberg launched another character-assassination campaign, hiring journalists to interrogate us for our studies. Shameful, mafia-style tactics, no respect for science and facts

Finally got to sit down and watch @KnowNicotine. It lives up to the hype and draws a bright line between dark money from Michael Bloomberg and worldwide campaigns against smoke-free nicotine products. Even I learned a couple things about nicotine.

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