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🎧 Little Man With A Gun In His Hand by The Minutemen on @PandoraMusic

JUST NOW: The Vermont House of Representatives voted to approve a bill to legalize marijuana sales. After an expected Senate vote on the bicameral compromise next week, the legislation heads to the governor’s desk. #vtpoli

57% of ALL current smokers quitting are using flavored ecigs, by far the most effective means of quitting, at minimum TWICE as effective as all other methods and @GovWhitmer is STILL trying to ban them after being denied by 3 different Mi courts, WHY? #mileg @MIGOP @webbermi77

Frank Baeyens@FBaeyens

“In the present study, consistent use (at two or more waves) of flavored e-cigarettes was associated with one or more years of smoking cessation compared to use of non-flavored/tobacco flavored e-cigarettes.”

I just signed a @theactionnet petition: Change the Name: End the Stigma. Sign here:

Does Philly have a nicotine overdose problem too?

NEW HAMPSHIRE: (HEADS UP!) ANTZ are building public support for bans and taxes with media misinformation at local the level. This one is filled with several blatant LIES about vaping ("No throat hit leads to nicotine overdose!") and risks ("EVALI!")

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