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TAKING ACTION: Don't keep it a secret! Millions of lives depend on CONSUMERS letting policy makers know vaping has IMPROVED their lives. Advocacy is only as strong as it's membership is vocal. Add your voice today by joining CASAA and then tell the world!

THE MORE YOU KNOW: For "The Great American Spit Out" today you'll see articles talking about the risks of "tobacco," omitting the fact that nearly all "tobacco" risks are from SMOKE. Smoking actually has a higher risk for oral cancers! Read the FACTS at:

All I want for Christmas is an all-in-one printer/scanner that doesn't require me to whisper sweet-nothings in its ear for it to do what I want.

Suffolk County vapers, your fight is not over... the sponsor is still pushing Tobacco 25. Consumers need to voice their opposition, especially if you're 21-25! (Let them know your brain is sufficiently developed to choose harm reduction over smoking!) #nysva #livapers #noT25

I mean... we tried to warn everyone of the black market. I'm not really surprised with how out of touch they are, that they didn't realize the black market would be on their kids phone. We used to have thousands of adult only vape shops that checked IDs. Dudes on TikTok don't.

Not 4 Kids@Not4Kids1

Tiktok is full of illegal sellers responsible for getting these products in the hands of kids while avoiding taxes. @NYSMom4Kiddos @ParentsvsVape @TobaccoFreeKids @truthinitiative

“What is concerning is that smokers, particularly those from disadvantaged groups, incorrectly and increasingly believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking. This is not true and means fewer smokers try vaping.”

#FunFact: If you play #GTA5 backwards, you’ll hear messages about taking drugs until your brain leaks out your ears & how carjacking is far superior to taking the bus.

NATIONAL: (CALL TO ACTION) Step 1) Submit your VAPE MAIL BAN comment to USPS then Step 2) Message Congress! CASAA not only made it easy, but also included FAQs about the law. Please SHARE this with your friends AND favorite vape retailers/manufacturers!

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