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Shocker: Immediately following JUUL's 1 pm Eastern announcement that they'd be pulling flavors, both $MO and $PMI stocks rose in value, with investors likely see it as a sign that a vape flavor ban is coming very shortly. #VapeBan


"We found a supply chain operating wholly outside the law and with a blatant disregard for public health."


@Amelia_RH @whycherrywhy @PublicGoodProj @GregTHR This refusal to name the accounts serves no purpose other than to deny real people a right to reply. If they’re right about them being bots it hardly matters, and who would bother attacking a bot account anyway?

"He is either lying or his health department is misinforming him.” @AVABoard President @GregTHR responds to Mayor Kenney’s plan to restrict vaping sales in Philadelphia:

US-only outbreak of lung illnesses after 12 years of safe ecig use

@BradRodu notes: "If nicotine vaping was the cause, the age distribution of injuries would be similar to the age distribution of vapers."


@CDCgov still claims "we just don't know."

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