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This is a realistic representation of American tobacco control "debating" with vaping advocates:

They call us trolls and drown us out, then pay millions to spread their denial of obvious facts. https://t.co/tFTfYpQkVl

Wow. Such thuggish ignorance and mendacity from “Truth”. Ask someone to explain “common risk factors”. The reasons people vape are similar to the reasons they smoke. If vaping had never been invented, many of the same kids who vape would have smoked anyway. That explains the 4x. https://t.co/8Qb2v4I9j3

This population would benefit from easier access to a safer alternative. They need to hear the message: If you are unable or unwilling to quit, switch to e-cigarettes. #vaping https://t.co/UQ96BGkUT8

MICHIGAN: Heads up! Gov. candidate Whitmer "in favor of extending smoking codes and regulations to products such as vapes and e-cigarettes." To join CASAA & get local advocacy tips, check out the CASAA Michigan web page: https://t.co/HIZzua0Amb


BARRINGTON, IL: Heads up! Tobacco 21 FINAL VOTE is expected Oct. 22. Advocate for vapers and smokers in your state. Join CASAA to get future Calls to Action. For more advocacy tips, check out the CASAA Illinois web page: https://t.co/HHXjYgKF1Q


Can you believe this? #Vaping. Fines for acquiring, using or possessing liquid nicotine, unless prescribed by a doctor, vary from fines of $45K (WA) to $1K (NSW) & jail sentences vary from: up to 2 years (ACT) & Tasmania & 12 months (NT). For quitting the wrong way!!!

Retail sales of e-cigarettes to underage teens must be eliminated. But @FDATobacco knows that friends and family are the biggest contributors to underage vaping. https://t.co/g6dGjJ8OEG

A new global watchdog...lol. Michael Bloomberg isn’t new, his money isn’t new, and his desire to prohibit every product he doesn’t like is not at all new.

Also not new: the utterly insane tobacco controllers at @UniofBath https://t.co/gcDDgM1bEa

Launch of No Fire, No smoke: the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction 2018 #GSTHR in Geneva. 200 copies given to #COP8FCTC delegates to remind them and @FCTCofficial that harm reduction is mandated by definition in FCTC https://t.co/JkGgXD0t8e

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