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I was honoured to be asked to give a summary at the end of #GFN19 in Warsaw - here's an adapted version at @Filtermag_org. An inspiring event that underlined the sheer urgency of #TobaccoHarmReduction https://t.co/PewBohjHBw

** New York - Call to Action **
A.47, which would ban the sale of flavored vapor products is moving to a committee vote as early as TOMORROW. Take Action NOW by sending a message to your reps urging them to VOTE NO on A.47! https://t.co/NHYZEBeWhk

We're heading toward a world where, in some places, a 19 year old woman may be married, join the military, and *forced* to become a mother. But will still have to wait 2 years to make her own decisions about the type of nicotine delivery she wants to use. Makes sense! https://t.co/AJ4BB0xlXt

If you support Overdose Prevention Sites but do not support engaging people in addiction treatment who are not ready to quit smoking cigarettes, you seriously have got to take your ass back to Harm Reduction 101 asap.

Here is the man of the moment @Josephmagero for Outstanding Advocacy 2019 Africa #gfn19 #AfricaNow19 #Kenya. We are proud to be associated with you and your advocacy campaign in Africa. Keep raising the bar and we will win this #SaferAlternatives #harmreduction cc @GoingSmokefree

Congratulations to @Josephmagero for the @INNCOorg advocate of the year award! #GFN19

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos awarded by INNCO in the name of the global Community of successful ex-smokers. Congrats Dr Konstantinos!! ⁦@GreekVapersClub⁩ ⁦@INNCOorg⁩ ⁦@NNAllianceSW⁩ ⁦@CASAAmedia⁩

News from Switzerland on the snus issue. While there is a mad dash globally to ban products with tobacco in them, even though they can be cheaply made to risk profiles equal to or better than ENDS, it seems the Swiss aren't having any of that. Good! https://t.co/JQlr6xNL5g

Take note, @FDATobacco: "This, in turn, raises the question of just how much more rapidly the use of lethal cigarettes could decline if public awareness and public policy were to facilitate, rather than obstruct, such a transition.” -- David Sweanor @OttawaHealthLaw https://t.co/K3OtvZtEPP

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