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Farsalinos Survey Shows Vapers Prefer Fruit and Dessert Flavors
By Jim McDonald @whycherrywhy

JUUL’s decision to pull mango flavored pods from retail stores was made *before* seeing evidence that #switchToQuit rates w/this flavor are ~36% higher than with VA tobacco flavor.
cc: @SGottliebFDA, @JeromeAdamsMD
Via @NicotineSurveys

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Yesterday, we shared "Fear Profiteers," a paper that discusses how the so-called "vaping epidemic" benefits health activists. Today in Iowa...


@JeromeAdamsMD Another point: Vaping is, at its core, a flavor technology. The proliferation of flavors exists because smokers put these flavors there. It's a very unique phenomenon that must be taken seriously: smokers led the technology, and what you see on the market is what they want/need.

UPDATE: (EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA) City passed Tobacco/Vapor 21 ordinance; denies ADULT smokers 18-20 access to lower risk vapor products.


Fear Profiteers: "They generate moral public panic over a health threat, real or imagined...using media and allied researchers to...stoke public anxiety to create public demand for government policies...and the perpetuation of their organizations."

A disgrace and an embarrassment to @FDATobacco & @SGottliebFDA. The most harmful consumer products in the world are on sale on every street corner. The life-saving massively reduced-risk alternative is unavailable, tangled in red-tape and thwarted by ideological opposition. #Fail https://t.co/wobG4Iikfc

This thread from @Clive_Bates raises a lot of important points about why adolescent vaping is more complicated than it may initially appear.

I hope the @Surgeon_General takes the time to read and reflect, especially about the need for person first language and stigma https://t.co/tvvNtoYwr5

SOUTH WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT: (Tobacco 21) High school #smoking drops to 3.5% as #vaping reaches 14.7% in state, so city decides to ban vaping for ADULT smokers 18 - 20 yrs? #NonsensicalLaws #THRsavesLives


It does not help when tobacco control groups bing in loads of kids to make them read scripted testimony with words they can't even pronounce, in exchange for school credit, to speak about things they have little knowledge of. https://t.co/BlzApITKm3

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