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**NY - Albany County - Please Respond!**
Local Law "E" would BAN ALL FLAVORED #VAPOR & Tobacco PRODUCTS!
Take Action - https://t.co/5m4fVSqypz
Show up on April 23rd (follow the link for details)!

NATIONAL: (HEADS UP!) Horrific bill would decimate the #vaping industry, block tobacco harm reduction efforts and leave adults with fewer options to smoking & higher costs with Tobacco 21, flavor ban, no online sales, regulating synth. nicotine and more.

Teen prévention does next to nothing to address death and disease for next 20-30 years, if ever.

To reduce disease, the focus would be on helping middle-aged daily smokers to quit, e.g. using #vaping. FDA makes this more difficult, so its likely disease impact will be negative. https://t.co/WrEhpRsOZE

RESEARCH: FDA/NIH-funded study finds strong evidence minors who try vapor products before or instead of #smoking, or have parents who switched to #vaping, are far less likely to smoke. Recommends getting parents to switch rather than focus on teen vaping.

HEADS UP-NEWS-UPDATES: Update in FL! FDA-funded research concludes better to encourage smoking parents to vape than focus on minors. Another finds "pleasant smells" help stop cig cravings, while another finds higher nic & dual use is good...when using NRT. https://t.co/iqw2KRHD9o

Majority of smokers in #Africa do not know that e-cigarettes,snus and HNB are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Smokers have a right to accurate information on potential life saving alternatives #HarmReduction

If you wanted to design a campaign to provoke teen defiance, you couldn’t do much better than what FDA, Centers for Disease Control, and other health groups have been doing over the last two years. @michelleminton #vaping #harmreduction https://t.co/yxpprQlFpn

New Bill in Congress Would Destroy the Vape Industry.
By Jim McDonald @whycherrywhy


Call @FDATobacco, call @TobaccoFreeKids, call @CDCTobaccoFree, call @Surgeon_General, deploy @ProfGlantz - something must be done to stop the crash in US cigarette sales caused by vaping. Hurry - we are losing money! https://t.co/IHH5IBI959

:sets his house on fire:

:complains that the Fire Department is getting his lawn wet: https://t.co/GJ9Mbt8bPU

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