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A "small group" with the weight of the UC system and the huge Cal. tobacco control machine behind them.

To vapers, Gardiner and McGruder aren't plucky Davids fighting a giant. They're Goliaths casually destroying the ex-smokers who created vapor products to save their own lives. https://t.co/s2yGKjNRHd

A true mark of an epidemic -- 67% of JUUL users in one ongoing study say it takes them a week or more to go through a single pod. #SRNT2019

@ucanquit2 Your 50 claim is a complete fabrication by a staffer @theNCI. Here is the explanation: https://t.co/8XOEWtfQp8. Furthermore, a large federally-funded study documented that men who dip/chew had ZERO excess risk for mouth cancer. ZERO. https://t.co/Tr1D1mqyqi

When I see a grown adult vaping, it just makes me want to punch them...

... gently on the fist and congratulate them on making the difficult transition to a hugely less harmful habit. Go you, vapers!

Vaping: Implausible theoretical harm, decades in the future. Harm that, if it exists, stops when they quit.

Smoking: Demonstrable real harm that begins to drop dramatically when people quit.

35 MILLION US adult smokers who could benefit NOW. https://t.co/qTeVmmFuEe

Today I sold a vape to a young man celebrating his 18th birthday. Been smoking cigs since he was 15 (stealing from a family of smokers). His first act as a new adult was to be responsible and try to quit smoking. #healthpolicyvalentines #HealthPolicyValentine #mnleg #Tobacco21

That’s right, Bonnie! Now can you explain how caffeine does the exact same thing, and why we should be afraid of it? https://t.co/rHaljnaCgB

A vape shop owner posted this to Facebook.

Congrats to the anti-vaping loons and gullible and/or apatethic journalists out there -- you have doctors telling cancer patients who smoke that they shouldn't switch to vaping. Absolutely sickening.

Michael McGrady writes about recent death from mech mod ecig explosion. “Due to FDA regulations, [companies are] unable to bring newer & safer products to market,” and anti-vaping activists are using this death “as further justification to overregulate.”

70% of smokers say they want to quit. Very few do. Give them alternatives that are safer and be honest about them.

@truthinitiative opposes efforts to tell the whole truth about low-risk nicotine products that could save the lives of millions of smokers. https://t.co/5Q9NqJpair

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