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When someone who uses drugs lies to you, a healthcare professional, about their drug use they are telling you that they don’t trust you. It says more about your relationship than it does about them as a person. Honesty is earned.

Tomorrow, I complete 1,610 smoke-free days thanks to strawberries, cappuccinos, vanilla ice cream, mangoes, watermelons, lemonades, chocolates and a multitude of mixtures and variations of ejuices that I make myself.

#Anvisa #FDA #WHO

Thank you for funding this nut, @TobaccoFreeKids.

Vape Crusader / Vape Terrorist https://t.co/Rf8v2Z2Inw

(December 2018)
“International counterfeiters appear to be at the core of the [#fakeVape] problem, and we take this specific threat very seriously. ..."


Just to be clear. The term 'epidemic' cannot reasonably be applied to what is happening in the US and even less so to what is happening in the UK. There are multiple incentives for researchers and commentators to make such claims alas but they should be resisted https://t.co/WOMp0fSDTB

“This groundbreaking research makes clear that #vaping is not a gateway to cigarette smoking but an exit from it.”


🚨 Cigarette smoking by Americans fell sharply from 2013 to 2017 while the use of #E-Cigarettes rose sharply. Read @RobShapiro’s report for @PPI on the connection between these two developments and their implications.

CHEYENNE, WYOMING: (CALL TO ACTON!) Second reading TONIGHT to redefine vaping as smoking, without any evidence of harm to bystanders, and denying business owners right to allow vaping in own property. Tell city council that laws MUST be EVIDENCE-BASED!


In Iowa and just heard an excellent radio commercial for Central Iowa Vapors, complete with a story from someone who made the switch to vaping. #ecigs #vaping

The Bronx had the highest number of overdoses and the highest rate of overdoses in NYC last year. Over policing will simply lead to more potent adulterated street drugs. Sad story of a couple who lost their lives https://t.co/G9A5uylFRN

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