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Urgent Action Needed: Vaping is under attack from all sides. - https://t.co/v6OGebbnEo

February: Member Benefits Spotlight - https://t.co/8z2b76hkVz

Announcement: 2019 Board of Directors - https://t.co/0oB6naT3Zt

Help SFATA's Campaign to "Save The Vape" by making a donation today. - https://t.co/3YrUOzpDVA

A SFATA Educational Series Webinar: Developments in the Vaping and Cannabis Industries - https://t.co/S0LzMYwIt8

We've Got the Benefits You Need To Keep Your Finances in Check! - https://t.co/SKyqtrDDxg

Help Fund SFATA's Campaign To "Save The Vape" - https://t.co/Az7GROshaQ

Aspire Vape Company Joins SFATA - Offers Members A New Benefit Program - https://t.co/eQnejl9OyW

SFATA Is Saving Your Money With this AMAZING Discount Program! - https://t.co/1cWEFlefJQ

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