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SFATA Is Saving Your Money With this AMAZING Discount Program! - https://t.co/1cWEFlefJQ

The Conference Content You've Been Waiting For - https://t.co/9YcCnZhqcn

Cast your nominations and tell us why your nominee should receive one of the awards being presented at our December conference in Austin, TX. The information you provide on nominees will… https://t.co/m6f2Eg2fZE

Cast Your Nominations for the First Annual Advocacy Awards! - https://t.co/SYJFqhfOEc

Help SFATA to Save The Vape - https://t.co/B9nepytKKU

It’s do or die time. Now or never. The vapor industry is under attack and to combat the assault, public perception MUST change. Save the Vape is your public relations platform - the… https://t.co/5ZVWIMu9I8

Help SFATA to Save The Vape - https://t.co/BbXCPcBdzK

Newly Imposed China Tariffs Webinar 10 17 18: https://t.co/x9DoHkf90z via @YouTube

Webinar Announcement: Newly Imposed China Tarrifs - October 17th 2pm EST - https://t.co/2lYUdDtMI3

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