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"Safe needle distribution. Condoms. Methadone maintenance programs. Naloxone kits. Managed alcohol programs. These are all examples of harm reduction initiatives ... But when applied to smoking, the concept of harm reduction has not yet broken through."

“As far as protection against SARS-CoV-2 virus is concerned, vaping in a home scenario or social spaces does not require special extra interventions besides those already recommended for the general population: social distance and wearing face masks.”

AVA Releases COVID-19 Best Practices Guide for Vape Shops via @AVABoard

" term data to NYTS provided a high-school current e-cigarette use prevalence estimate of 11.3-16.5% for November 2020, suggesting adolescent use of e-cigarettes has continued to decline since the NYTS estimate of 19.6% for January-March 2020.

Have you submitted your own testimonial? We really like this guy's response to his doctor's statement.
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‘Because they want to help their patients. There are patients that GPs see who have struggled for many years with trying to quit smoking and not being able to,’ he said.

Yesterday, marked a year since AVA President Gregory Conley sat down with the US president at a roundtable.
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