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A new analysis published in @NTR_Journal of youth vaping data in the USA concludes thusly:

"Vaping is largely concentrated among non-smoking youth who would likely have smoked prior to the introduction of e-cigarettes." #HarmReduction

Excellent video here from the French Institute of Cancer! They recommend #vaping as an option that helps smokers quit, other health institutes, take note!

In this SPOTLIGHT, @Biebert wanted to hear from those affected by the deadly moral panic in Canada that sparked his recent film project, @KnowNicotine.

New data suggests vaping by youth continued to fall during the pandemic.

β€œThat is a positive thing,” said AVA President @GregTHR. β€œThis technology is intended for adult smokers looking to get away from combustible cigarettes.” #HarmReduction

β€œEVALI was clearly associated with a drastic reduction in e-cigarette sales,” @mbsiegel told @Alex_Norcia. "But what was even more troubling was that the EVALI scare was also associated with an immediate increase in cigarette consumption."

Our paper published today in the Harm Reduction Journal provides evidence that the false statements made during the EVALI scare may have caused harm by increasing cigarette consumption. Congrats to first author and UROP superstar @AmandaKatchmar!

Five years ago today, AVA's @GregTHR appeared on CNN to explain the perils of the FDA's proposed deeming regulation.

Through five years of delays, ban attempts, court cases, minor reforms, and everything in between, AVA has remained in the fight. Thank you for all your support!

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