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Interesting column.
"Of course the difference is that there's little tax revenue to be lost by outlawing flavored tobacco and e-cigarette flavorings and much tax revenue to be gained by legalizing marijuana and internet gambling...

Today's must read from @michelleminton

"In the midst of a wave of interest in 'decolonializing' public health, this sort of patronizing interference, well-intentioned though it may be, deserves scrutiny."

"Don't be Massachusetts, don't be New Jersey!"
AVA's testimony to the New Hampshire Senate Commerce Committee today, regarding banning the sale of flavored vapor products."

The study, published this month in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, finds that over 80 percent of youth do not use any tobacco and over 86 percent don’t vape—and among the minority who do vape, most are not regular users.

Kunbargi gave up Marlboros for e-cigarettes around 2018 and switched back to cigarettes in late 2019.
"Trust the devil you know," said Mr. Kunbargi, who is 28. "I keep smoking, it's going to give me cancer. Whereas vaping is much more uncharted territory."

"The fight against underage use of vaping and tobacco products must continue. However, the opportunities for adults to quit smoking for good are overwhelming and will have a net benefit for the nation’s public health."

"The best part about all of it was that it would deliver my daily dose of nicotine without burning its way down my throat and leaving deposits of tar in my lungs."

Read more from RCP's landmark report:

California State Senator Jerry Hill thinks it's a sad day for kids, we think it's a great day for ex-smokers.
Unfortunately, no vapers were interviewed for this piece.

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