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Happy Friday! As mentioned, we love hearing your stories about how you quit smoking. If you haven't submitted a testimonial yet - do so!

#ThrowbackThursday - Did you know that researchers have found e-cigarettes could save lives by reducing premature deaths? Read the full 2017 study published in Tobacco Control here:

#ThrowbackThursday to @FarsalinosK 2018 internet survey of US adult vapers. Overwhelmingly, former smokers were currently using fruit and dessert flavors.
Read the full survey:

"Health campaigns should use accurate terminology to describe e-cigarette emissions, rather than jargon that conveys lower risk."
Pretty sure public health campaigns are conveying that e-cigarettes are more harmful...

“It’s a difficult task,” Wagener said. “We’re trying to essentially close the on-ramp to kids but still leave an off-ramp for adults to quit smoking.”

"Although nicotine’s primary risk is addiction or dependence on tobacco products, researchers found that 83 percent of doctors strongly believed that nicotine directly contributed to heart disease."

Happy Sunday! Here is another testimonial from that shows the power of vape shops in helping smokers quit and stay smoke-free!

Have you submitted your testimony to our website? The government may call it "anecdotal" but we ❤️ hearing about how you quit smoking!

"The authors argue that well-developed and regulated markets likely drove out the riskier products, and that legislation banning such items could subject vapers to more risks."

RESEARCH BOMBSHELL: (Rutgers U.) "Most physicians mistakenly believe that nicotine leads to cancer, and heart and respiratory diseases...even though it is the toxic substances in cigarette smoke and not the nicotine that causes the primary health risk."

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