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A very telling passage in this FT piece on the US infant formula crisis: once the FDA relaxed its onerous non-tariff (regulatory) barriers, multiple foreign companies jumped at the chance to sell formula here:

5. But in all the gushing over major questions, note what’s not here: Chevron. Most analysts, myself included, were expecting some modification of Chevron (probably not wholesale overrule) like what SCOTUS did with Auer deference in the Kisor case. But no, def plays no role here.

.@SteveForbesCEO warns of "two grievous mistakes" being made by the Biden Administration's FDA that will harm US citizens' health. #WhatsAhead

Fact-checking fact checker @VanessaRuffes, who deemed the "claim" that tainted, illicit THC was the sole cause of EVALI is "FALSE" because:
-- Some patients reported they didn't use THC vapes
-- CDC "could not absolve other vaping substances"

The message being sent by Bloomberg-funded nonprofits is simple -- if you can't or won't quit, just keep smoking.

Do they realize they're actually helping cigarette companies thrive? #HarmReduction #Vaping

Gregory Conley@GregTHR

ACSCAN grassroots manager Priyanka Konanur declares vaping to be "so much worse" than cigarettes. #NotAboutHealth

The Juul ban will make it harder for adult smokers to quit. You celebrating it when you and your ACSCAN friends are clueless about harm reduction is gross.

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