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The question becomes: will the FDA give definitive answers to the largest vaping companies in the country while leaving every other smaller competitor on the market without an answer, and further delays? Why will the agency only give complete certainty to the largest businesses?

Gregory Conley@GregTHR

Woodcock in reference to the five companies with the highest market share: "I will commit to do everything I can to make sure that we have reviewed and finished all of the high market share company applications" by September.

Often ignored by anti-vaping activists is the balancing act between discouraging experimentation by youth against both the economic and health benefits of the existence of the vaping industry for everyone else. The Tobacco Control Act requires the FDA to consider all factors.

Gregory Conley@GregTHR

For the first time during the hearing, @RepFredKeller from Pennsylvania asks a question about how FDA is protecting youth while also taking into account small mom and pop operations across the country.

Today's hearing on youth vaping is well-intended, but it clearly seeks to strong-arm @FDATobacco to peremptorily ban many #ecig products by subverting its science-based regulatory review process. My testimony urges Congress not to politicize the process:

Oversight Committee@OversightDems

HAPPENING SOON: At 10 AM, Subcommittee Chair @CongressmanRaja will demand answers from FDA Commissioner Woodcock regarding the youth #vaping epidemic and search for solutions to address this nationwide health issue.


Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy Ranking Member @RepCloudTX opened today’s hearing on vaping by outlining the importance of preventing youth from accessing e-cigarettes while maintaining access for adults seeking to wane themselves from tobacco & cigarette addictions.

So, apparently this whole hearing is about @CongressmanRaja trying to put political pressure on the FDA to make the "right" decisions when doing *scientific evaluations.*

"You will not be in the NY Times again while I'm there, so you've basically screwed yourself." -- Sheila Kaplan to me, 3/15/2019

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