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🚨Heads Up California!🚨
A proposed bill is absurdly attempting to ban single-use, low risk alternatives to smoking (typically the only kind available next to cigarettes in convenience stores,) while allowing filterless cigarettes to still be sold.

"The public trusts the CDC to provide sound science-based information, yet their misleading and often categorically false statements surrounding vapes and other reduced risk nicotine products borders on fake news."

🚨HEADS UP Connecticut!🚨

Governor Lamont says he's "ready to go" with a vape/tobacco flavor ban, saying he'd "like to work with the legislature to see if they’ll step up. I’ll sign it.”

Lawsuit takes aim at Moorhead's ban on flavored tobacco, vaping products

FDA Blunders by Favoring Combustible Cigarettes Over Vastly Safer Smoke-Free Products

"The FDA’s decision to remove nicotine but keep the smoke is dead wrong." ~ @BradRodu

Anti-vaping Orgs: "Adults who smoke don't want sweet flavors. Those vape flavors are clearly targeting kids!"

Pharma: "Um...."

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