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ANTI-VAPING WITCH HUNT: @CongressmanRaja and other zealously anti-vaping politicians continue their unscientific, moral crusade against tobacco harm reduction products with live hearing today entitled “An Epidemic Continues: Youth Vaping in America.”

RESEARCH: Study compares reaction to flavored vs unflavored e-liquid, finds flavors MAY "dampen the reward experience," however, didn't test UNpleasant vs pleasant flavor or how dampening effect may actually ASSIST transition away from cigarette flavors.

PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY DONE RIGHT: In Florida, @GovRonDeSantis has refused to be taken in by the moral panic over nicotine vaping that has infected too many lawmakers in the US. Public health and the state’s small businesses are both better off for it.

EXPOSING PUBLIC HEALTH BIAS: Obesity researcher tells story of tactics all too familiar to THR advocates:

"Some criticisms employed a rhetorical approach known as “paltering,” defined as the active use of truthful statements with the intent to deceive."

Are Public Use Bans Causing Police Violence? Plus Harmful Sin Taxes & Tobacco Control Hypocrisy

CASAA MEDIA: This week on the CASAA Advocacy show--The Deep Dive asks "Are Public Use Bans Causing Police Violence?" Plus, Take 3 on Harmful Sin Taxes & Tobacco Control Hypocrisy. Join us LIVE this Saturday at 4:30 PM EDT on YouTube, Facebook & Twitter!

HEADS UP-NEWS-UPDATES: Call to Action update for Connecticut. LA and DC vapor flavor bans. Ocean City police violence. The far-reaching Bloomberg anti-tobacco money. Exposing anti-vaping bias. Bad public health policies doing harm and more!

@ChaunceyGardner @GFNicotine #Vape shops are like private, not state financed, smoking cessation workshops where staff talk to the customers in confidence & NEVER stigmatize a #smoker. Reason, D staff know better& most are former smokers. #Swedish vape shops R #THR "pharmacies" incl #snus & #Nicotinepouches

DO NO HARM? Combination of high taxes (that inspire few people to quit smoking) & lack of affordable, safer alternatives (now targets for tax "parity") is putting many already below poverty level at greater risk of malnutrition & smoking-related diseases.

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