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TOBACCO HARM REDUCTION: "The best harm-reducing alternative to smoking, of course, is simply not smoking."

Quitting is not a harm-reducing "alternative," it's another version of "quit or die."

Harm reduction is for people who don't want to quit OR die.

THE WAR ON VAPING: "Although the FDA acknowledges the harm-reducing potential of ENDS, in practice it is giving that benefit short shrift. Other policy makers, meanwhile, are proceeding as if the lives of smokers count for nothing." ~Jacob Sullum

EXPOSING ANTI-VAPING PROPAGANDA: What Senator Durbin did here is use deceptive percentages because they fit his anti-vaping agenda.

20% of high school youth = 3 million
4.5% of adults = 10.9 million

Over 3x as many adults use vapor products—and that FACT is saving lives!

Brad Rodu tells #GTNF that all science, whether from the industry or tobacco control advocates must be held to the same standard and journals should remove poor quality studies and publish corrections when needed.

CALL TO ACTION: A proposed federal tax on far safer alternatives to smoking will disproportionately impact the very communities who need more SUPPORT not more stigma and financial burden. HARM REDUCTION should NOT be DISCOURAGED! #LGBTQ


It is almost 2022, and FDA has only granted market orders for heated and combustible cigarettes through the PMTA process. Make it make sense. #TobaccoHarmReduction #VapingSavesLives

Urge Congress to reject a tax on safer nicotine products like vaping, snus, and smokeless tobacco that would be the same as the tax on cigarettes, the most harmful tobacco product.

Very frustrated by the @DepressionStick campaign. It’s based on a single cross-sectional study as best I can tell. It also seems wildly inappropriate to try to capitalize on teen depression as a tobacco control message during a damn pandemic

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