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"Juul submitted more than 110 studies as part of its application... Among them were studies that followed about 17,000 cigarette smokers for a year after they first purchased Juul. After 12 months, about 58% had switched from cigarettes to Juul."

Fact-checking fact checker @VanessaRuffes, who deemed the "claim" that tainted, illicit THC was the sole cause of EVALI is "FALSE" because:
-- Some patients reported they didn't use THC vapes
-- CDC "could not absolve other vaping substances"

Don't miss CASAA CEO Alex Clark's (@Hello_Alex) appearance on @RegWatchCanada "for a deep dive into the impact of FDA’s Juul ban and to discuss how the War on Vaping harms consumers."

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"The teen vaping “epidemic” was never real; it was a passing fad, blown out of proportion by anti-tobacco zealots...but the concocted crisis led the [FDA] to ban the sale of millions of lifesaving e-cigarettes and vaping products..." ~ @BradRodu

It’s only a matter of time before we see a good old-fashioned pack of Marlboros marketed by our trusted government as “a naturally-sourced, plant-based alternative to vaping.”

For THR proponents in many countries who find themselves on the defensive, combating stigma and misinformation, GFN was a welcome opportunity for solidarity and strategizing. @Alex_Norcia

"Reducing the nicotine level in cigarettes sounds like a good idea, but what we know about nicotine so far argues [VLNCs] are not likely to be helpful to current smokers...we should be wary of solutions that sound good but make uncertain assumptions."

If you missed the excellent CASAA Twitter Space this week, catch the replay now! The panel speaks with @amandawheeler32 from AVM about their latest efforts to keep safer nicotine products available and the news leak about the FDA actions against JUUL.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District Of Columbia Circuit put temporary on hold the FDA's ban on JUUL sales, after Juul appealed the order, say it would cause "irreparable harm".

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