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Bo Feng sharing results finding that e-cigarette taxes increase pre-pregnancy smoking, prenatal smoking, and the number of trimesters with smoking. E-cigarette taxes also reduce pre-pregnancy and 3rd trimester e-cigarette use.

Critics say there is a youth vaping "epidemic." The data suggests otherwise. Meanwhile, there is push to limit access to safer e-cigarette nicotine products for millions of adults.

CEI's @michelleminton explains why health policy on e-cigarettes must work for youth AND adults.

In every single live stream I have ever done, someone ( multiple sometimes ) will mention it's their vape-a-versary and we all celebrate how long they have been smoke free.

Tell me #vaping doesn't help adult smokers and I will respectfully laugh in your fucking face #offmychest

Doctors should support #vaping nicotine as a harm reduction alternative when other treatments have failed. Vaping is effective, evidence-based and popular with users.

Article in Malaysian, but fortunately Google can translate!

No, the data don't say anything about "targeted." OTOH, I'm sure someone has the spoils of a FOIA request showing that that talking point was engineered for max-panic.

#COleg #COlegis It made me incredibly sad & angry to report on Spike having to close her store in East Harlem. We need more vape shops in communities with high rates of smoking, not less #womenintobaccoharmreduction #vapingsavedmylife

Tune in TODAY at 4:30 PM ET/1:30 PM PT as we talk with our special guest: author, documentary filmmaker and harm reduction advocate Helen Redmond (@aftariak). Plus the Legislative Rundown!

Children whose parents smoke are 4 times as likely to take up smoking themselves

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