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@truthinitiative @CongressmanRaja @RepPressley @FDATobacco Does Truth Initiative stand behind this comment? Maybe Dave Dobbins would like to try to justify this?


@Rep_Clyde: "I am concerned that the committee's goal of this hearing is not to address the concern of youth vaping, but to strongarm the FDA -- you, ma'am -- into banning menthol cigarettes and e-cigarettes."


Today's hearing on youth vaping is well-intended, but it clearly seeks to strong-arm @FDATobacco to peremptorily ban many #ecig products by subverting its science-based regulatory review process. My testimony urges Congress not to politicize the process:

Oversight Committee@OversightDems

HAPPENING SOON: At 10 AM, Subcommittee Chair @CongressmanRaja will demand answers from FDA Commissioner Woodcock regarding the youth #vaping epidemic and search for solutions to address this nationwide health issue.


Does @RepCori not realize that ALL apps to FDA, whether it's for food, drugs, or tobacco, contain scientific research from the companies that manufacture them? That's how the application process works.

So clearly "all industry research is garbage" is not a defensible argument.

The @FDACommissioner just told the @HouseOversight committee she doesn't even know what FDA's TPSAC committee is.

Why didn't @CongressmanRaja invite CTP Director Mitch Zeller, who is very familiar with the PMTA process and tobacco regulation?

Man, I litteraly can't wait for @OversightDems to come back and debate product standards for #cannabis and do their level best to insure that only the largest manufacturers (them selves profiting off of the #DrugWar) take/maintain their market share.

Q for @RepCori (and the entire cmte): Do people really think that research for product applications (or maybe even the applications themselves) are paid for and conducted by third parties?

Did COVID vaccines adhear to this, or did Moderna pay for and conduct their own research?

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