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David Levy ⁦@thegtnf⁩ "I expect distrust of #harmreduction will abate as increased use of nicotine vaping products are shown to reduce #cigarette use in youth, low SES and those with #mental health.." ⁦@truthinitiative⁩ ⁦@TobaccoFreeKids⁩ ⁦@SmokeFreeFdn⁩

Turning Point has petitioned a US Court of Appeals to review the marketing denial order it received from the FDA last week.

.@TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety You recently did the right thing by removing the media from the @DepressionStick account. I have noticed that not only is the content back up, but you have now verified it.

This is offensive & possibly dangerous


We oversimplify the reasons behind smoker's addictions. I believe the book of addictions must be rewritten.@thegtnf #GTNF2021 #nicotine #addiction

Powerful speaker for ppl who vape & the small vape businesses set up to help others to also stop smoking. No notes. Knows her customers, the lies of the antz & who they are… naming & shaming the reporters, academics, NGOs who are killing small vape shops & their customers! Wow!

GTNF 2021@thegtnf

We are back and delighted to welcome our next keynote speaker, Amanda Wheeler, owner, Jvapes and president of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association. #GTNF2021 #ThursdayThoughts

Shops that didn't bother to register or apply for PMTAs are in the most enviable of non-enviable positions.

FDA doesn't know you exist and, for the good of your customers who rely on your products to stay smoke-free, you should strive to keep it that way.

Katherine Ellen Foley@katherineefoley

6/x The thinking they expressed to me is that they're genuinely helping people quit cigs, not selling to minors or never smokers. The FDA's application process was too expensive for small shops to get through, they said, so why bother?

A moving and hard-hitting speech from @amandawheeler32 saying what hasn’t yet been said on stage but many must be thinking: the FDA’s PMTA process has been a farce and will have a real negative impact on the lives of lots of people.

GTNF 2021@thegtnf

Amanda Wheeler is high critical of the US ban on open vaping products, saying this has criminalised 10 million people and adding that the FDA has failed. #GTNF2021

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