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The last one makes the most sense, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to see another 2 3/4 MILLION smokers?

And that number doesn’t factor in the butchery of the million flavors already rejected by FDA. Thank you ATR, for providing some stellar arguments for activism calls.

Federal Tax Call to Action Tools for Your Business Inside our latest Member Update. Come get yours and share! https://instagr.am/p/CUJHJ5-sUNg/

Join the effort to stop this tax from moving forward. Hold @JoeBiden to his promise!

Federal Tax Call to Action Tools for Your Business Inside! - https://mailchi.mp/sfata.org/federal-tax-call-to-action-tools-for-your-business-inside

Regulator Watch interview with Clive Bates
on flavor bans with specific reference to Canada “which is based on completely spurious modelling and cost-benefit analysis”

Fatal Assumption | Spurious Cost-Benefit Analysis Drives Risky Flavour Ban | RegWatch https://regulatorwatch.com/brent_stafford/fatal-assumption-spurious-cost-benefit-analysis-drives-risky-flavour-ban-regwatch/

Forest Gump said it best. “Stupid is as stupid does”.

Experts: Proposed e-cigarette tax could drive teens to more harmful products | WGFL https://abc6onyourside.com/news/nation-world/experts-proposed-e-cigarette-tax-could-drive-teens-to-more-harmful-products

Emergency webinar this afternoon. Join us in two hours as we discuss the latest happenings with PMTAs.

5pm EDT/4pm CDT on SFATA's Facebook page!

Due to a conflict with scheduling we had to push the Legion to next week. Don't worry - tonight, Dave and Lindsey will be joined with our board secretary Taylor Cage to discuss all vape-related things.

Come join us LIVE at 8pm EDT/7pm CDT at SFATA's Facebook page!

Retailers - Please complete this IMPORTANT survey - https://mailchi.mp/sfata.org/retailers-please-complete-this-survey-073021

SFATA Member Update: A View From the Front Lines - https://mailchi.mp/sfata.org/sfata-member-update-a-view-from-the-front-lines

Tonight! If you're in Vegas for Champs - find Dave today (he'll be easy to find, he's the tall one) and come join us on the show tonight!

8pm EDT/7pm CDT from SFATA's Facebook page.

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