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So despite what ⁦@RajaForCongress⁩ and ⁦@SenatorDurbin⁩ are telling everyone. According to Data from the CDC, Youth #Vaping Has Not Led to Smoking. Been hearing about this “gateway” for at least 4 years now and it still hasn’t materialized

I've been hearing from people stressing all the potential threats of e-cigarettes. Which is legitimately and important. But remember: It's harm reduction, not harm erasure.

Happy #thursdaymorning to everyone but @POTUS whose administration is wiping out flavored vaping as a significantly less harmful alternative to cigarettes.
#WeVapeWeVote #election2022 #midterms #pmta #msa #bloodmoney

Maybe this is the webinar people like @truthinitiative or... I don't know... @ProfGlantz might benefit from watching.

Are we really going to have to sit here @FDATobacco and wait for US smoking rates to slowly go back up before we acknowledge the #harmreduction and product substitution phenomenon of #vaping?

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