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The nationwide flavour ban has been proposed today. It allows for straight Tobacco, Mint and Menthol flavour only, no sweeteners allowed.
#Vapers Please sign the petition! Save Flavours!

.@OHMBOY8 singing "I believe I can fly" backward is straight up some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard. I was dying. Video should be queued up.

Please vote: Should ecig 'flavors' be banned in Canada?

As revealed in the below video, the goal of the 'brains' behind the operation suing Juul and Altria isn't to bankrupt Juul, but to extract a settlement agreement that states can then strong-arm other manufacturers into abiding by.


The real future of #ecigs and safer nicotine. Let's hear what tobacco control and public health really really want...

I have a really good feeling that today’s @CASAAmedia live stream is going to be awesome.

You should probably tune in.

4:30pm EST

@ChaunceyGardner @SonjaMarx9 @StefanDidak @Rawgster @carlvphillips @GrimmGreen @vapers_alliance @VapinGreek @pbusardo @AlexWodak @CASAAmedia @Clive_Bates Ive also been using the phrase “recreational nicotine” more and more over the last few years.

🚨🚨🚨It's out. The Federal Flavour Regulations have dropped. Ban on all flavours except tobacco, mint and menthol. Ban on sweeteners. We are going through it now. Clearly Health Canada does not care about the lives of vapers and smokers. 🚨🚨🚨#flavourban

Vapers and nicotine consumers around the world are banding together to defend their rights.

If you haven't joined a nicotine consumer rights group yet, you can find one here.

If there isn't one in your country yet, start one! And donate if you can.

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