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U.S. National Institutes of Health summarizes a new study with another positive finding for vaping and quiting smoking.

"Smokers who don’t plan to quit should be considered when evaluating the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes." #HarmReduction #Vaping

Ahem, Mitch Zeller @FDATobacco @US_FDA, the letter you got from Mr. Bloomberg’s paid agents is filled with errors and ridiculous omissions. We fixed it for you:

Critics say there is a youth vaping "epidemic." The data suggests otherwise. Meanwhile, there is push to limit access to safer e-cigarette nicotine products for millions of adults.

CEI's @michelleminton explains why health policy on e-cigarettes must work for youth AND adults.

AVA's @GregTHR “pointed to data showing that youth vaping has been declining and blasted anti-tobacco groups who ‘continue to push for a new drug war by amping up the moral panic around safer nicotine products.’”

#HarmReduction #Vaping

Today's must read from @MarcGunther covers the campaign by researchers like @mikepesko to implore @CDCDirector to take corrective action on "EVALI" misperceptions.

While adults continue to smoke, the CDC keeps deflecting. #Vaping #HarmReduction


The CDC made an error by blaming a deadly lung disease on e-cigarettes. It won't correct it | my latest for @Medium

#vaping #smoking @CDCTobaccoFree Would the CDC ever tweet that birdwatching can help you get your mind off heroin craving? Or that people with alcohol use disorder should take more birdwatching trips?

"I switched back to cigarettes because I thought it would be healthier than Juuling."

The evidence for smoking making a 'comeback' is thin and not supported by 2021 sales data, but the impact of health disinformation is very real. #StopTheLies

"You don’t have to try vapes with the idea of quitting cigarettes; it can just occur, unintended." #Vaping #HarmReduction

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