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I wrote about the recent media screw-ups around vaping.

“‘By and large, the inspectors haven’t done much,’ said @GregTHR, an attorney and president of the American Vaping Association. But he said that may change now that so many companies have received official orders to take their products off the market.”

Democrats need to take another look at their proposal to tax e-cigarettes. There are some issues.

Truth Initiative, an organization by name that purports to tell the truth, recently made the Depression Stick, a fictional vaping product that makes teens sad. The fake marketing push, naturally, completely leaves out adult consumers.

"E-cigarettes are an effective substitute for tobacco for many people. But like any other substitute, they lose their appeal when they become more expensive. And that's why the Democrats’ proposed vaping tax makes no sense." -@RobertGebelhoff in WaPo

A prohibitionist group wants President Biden to get involved in the (supposedly) science-based FDA review process for vaping.

Adult vapers can outnumber the drug warrior moms. We urge you to call the White House and explain how important vaping is to you and your family.

"Although the FDA acknowledges the harm-reducing potential of ENDS, in practice it is giving that benefit short shrift. Other policy makers, meanwhile, are proceeding as if the lives of smokers count for nothing." #HarmReduction #Vaping

Truth Initiative tells teens that their depression, anxiety and stress wasn't the real problem. They were just "duped" into trying nicotine vaping and it's nicotine "withdrawal" that's the real problem. A dangerous lie that only worsens mental health stigma. #BlamingTheVictim

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