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The message being sent by Bloomberg-funded nonprofits is simple -- if you can't or won't quit, just keep smoking.

Do they realize they're actually helping cigarette companies thrive? #HarmReduction #Vaping

Gregory Conley@GregTHR

ACSCAN grassroots manager Priyanka Konanur declares vaping to be "so much worse" than cigarettes. #NotAboutHealth

American Vaping Association President @GregTHR calls Juul ban 'the latest in a series of missteps from the FDA'

'From turning a blind eye to the opioid crisis to having no plans to combat a baby formula shortage, the FDA keeps coming up short'

As they told retailers yesterday, Juul plans to appeal.

Nothing yet about the future status of products on shelves today.

FDA Banning Juul? Not Likely, Explains Vaping Advocacy Group.

"The Biden Administration believes in harm reduction for fentanyl users, but their message to adult smokers and ex-smokers is to drop dead." #Vaping #HarmReduction

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