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It's been an emotional week. I talk a lot about #HarmReduction. Be it #Smoking or #COVID19, it's the topic of most of my tweets. I never thought I'd be talking about reducing harms caused by cops. This is a MUST READ thread, as 2 hot topics collide. #Heartbroken.

10/ In case you don't know, "addressing tobacco-related disparities in disadvantaged communities" is a dog whistle for "imposing bans and other forcible interventions that primarily affect people who lack enough power to object... because we can."

RESEARCH: CASAA is cooperating with researchers from the Department of Life Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK! This cross-sectional study will look at real vapers' habits and compare self-reported health of people who vape vs smoke.

"For every 10% increase in e-cig prices, e-cig sales dropped 26%. But the same 10% increase in e-cig prices caused an 11% increase in cigarette sales. For every e-cig not purchased because of an e-cig tax, 6.2 packs of cigarettes are purchased instead.”

Tax Foundation has updated their map of state taxes on e-cigarettes & vapor products.
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Writing about how anti-tobacco harm reduction NGOs backed by Bloomberg money are the new colonials interfering in the domestic tobacco control policies of the poorest countries who suffer most from smoking

"No response to a public health crisis is perfect, but our institutions should not use issue bad guidance and rules that cause more harm than good."

Article says, 15 year-old "Rahul" wanted to try smoking, but feared for his lung health so, he decided to try e-cigs & teens like him are the reason India imposed a ban on e-cigs...because they want him to smoke? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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