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Thanks to @PhillyD for covering our response to JUUL's decision to stop selling flavored products on their website.

He asked for comments about this, so please make your voice heard! And if you like what you see, subscribe to Philip's channel. #VapeBan

TAKING ACTION: Awesome job by local advocates, who organized vapers (including providing signs & t-shirts!) to make their voices heard at the President's rally in Dallas today, even getting the attention of TV news reporters for AVA's @GregTHR!

Photos: Dennisa Moore @nessie_1020


What this poll mostly reveals is that you're either a prohibitionist or you're not. There are very few Americans who believe flavors should be banned who don't also want to just ban vaping entirely.

Michael Eriksen@MPEriksen

Data Note: Public Views on Vaping and E-Cigarettes - Findings

"Juul halts sales of fruit/dessert pods as it tries to weather political backlash"
Throws its ex-smoking adult customers under bus to limit lawsuits & save its own skin. Naive + Arrogant = single handedly endangering the entire independent vaping industry.

Congressional hearings conflate vaping with smoking, and legal e-cigarettes with black-market cannabis products.

Just had a news reporter ask me if vapers were going to rally at the Beto O'Rourke event happening a half hour away from Trump's speech in Dallas.

"No, we're not, because I'm confident America will never vote for a furry. And Beto is a furry."

cc: @ComfortablySmug

We are here at the @realDonaldTrump rally in Dallas talking to voters and educating them that flavor bans are not just bad policy, but could cost President Trump the 2020 election. #VapeBan #WeVapeWeVote @parscale

Thank you very much for your thoughts. Rather than be a victim, however, I have decided to simply switch my vaping system.

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