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The Juul vs. Eonsmoke lawsuit is going well.


@GregTHR Here's a recent op-ed by @lmstroud89 on Bloomberg. He has taken his show on the (global) road.


"Challenging Dogma" is a series of twelve blog posts by @mbsiegel written between July 2005 and November 2007. The dogma is that of tobacco control.

I picked 5 posts to this thread but links to all of them can be found in blog post #12 (last tweet in this thread).


My last tweet mentioned The Sun, consistently most widely-read by working class people. But it's also now in the world's most widely-read online news outlet. Lovely to see a light shone on the maniacal Bloomberg-funded cranks at the @WHO

Worst non-vaping bill of the year goes to HB 507 in Hawaii, which aims to unconstitutionally require film companies to pay royalties for the "filming of scenic shots of iconic locations."

Two committee votes thus far. One single 'no' vote.

"NGOs across the world ought to reexamine their relationship with Lord Bloomberg’s billions, and should be wary of the funding and tactics his organization has used, and continues to use, to try to influence tobacco control policies."

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