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Boom! My latest on the proposed flavor ban in Maine.

Come get your employee, @AryNewsOfficial. He's drunk and genocidal.

A new analysis published in @NTR_Journal of youth vaping data in the USA concludes thusly:

"Vaping is largely concentrated among non-smoking youth who would likely have smoked prior to the introduction of e-cigarettes." #HarmReduction

#OpenScience at its best with @qeios

Dr @nwalker25021458 β€˜s review of Dr Fagerstrom and my pre-print on Nicotine Pouches is another encouraging example of a open, transparent and constructive publishing paradigm.

@AcademicChatter @robertjwest

Had a new COVID world experience today.

My taxi driver in Cairo took me to get a SIM card and a store employee told him he had to wear a mask.

The employee who said this was not wearing a mask and she did not put one on during the 15 minutes we were in the store.

β€œE-cigarette use is largely concentrated among youth who share characteristics with smokers of the pre-vaping era, suggesting e-cigarettes may have replaced cigarette smoking.”

1/2 I go off on one in the BMJ rapid responses about anti-science posturing, personal abuse and Matthew Myers, the president of anti-vaping activist group @TobaccoFreeKids. A response to intellectually thuggish comments about @JUULvapor and its science.

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