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@TeamYouTube why have you given my channel a strike? I can’t see any breaches in your policy on the video, there’s no links to and any products in the description, like all my videos it was an unpaid review.
Please help.

.@Surgeon_General you will have to use google translate, but I found some new evidence for you. In case you wanted to change your opinion on #Vaping. Thank you.


Thursday means VLOGDAY. Due to a Dr appointment, we're going to be starting tonight at 5:00pm PST rather than 4:30pm PST. Thank you for understanding. Hope to see you then!!!!!!

NEW HAMPSHIRE: (HEADS UP!) ANTZ are building public support for bans and taxes with media misinformation at local the level. This one is filled with several blatant LIES about vaping ("No throat hit leads to nicotine overdose!") and risks ("EVALI!")

File this under:

“Meanwhile In The UK”

How did the USA get so backward on public health @CongressmanRaja ?


Replay and Podcast of my LiveStream with @DIYorD1E are now available. Really fun show. I guess i'll have to try my hand at some DIY now. Thanks again Wayne!

Really very excited to talk to mix-master-Wayne today. 3:30pm PST 6:30pm EST. Would love for you to come hang out. Should be a good one! @DIYorD1E

Florida governor @GovRonDeSantis understood this and VETOED the states flavor ban. @GovPritzker you have to know it will just make things worse. Please

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