Grimm Green

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#Vaping does not appear to pose any significant additional risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Can ⁦@truthinitiative⁩ please stop spreading this lie?

Fixing to be streaming again today at 3:30pm PST. It's Tuesday Bro Newsday and today it's all about #nicotine @RubrDuckyUrThe1

I've seen over the past five years the damage caused by stigmatizing a group of people. It's an extreme weapon to use, often resulting in far more harm.

Not to be used by those who support harm reduction. Period.

If you believe in harm reduction, reduce it. Don't create it.

I want to give a shout out to @GrimmGreen & @MattFromSMM for excellent features in @KnowNicotine.

I was not a huge fan of "A Billion Lives" but this was a far better production and presentation.

I hope the people that need to see it, watch it.

Gonna liven up this Monday with some hot MTL Build Stream action. Would love for you to come hang out! 15min away!!! 1:30pm PST

Man!! This was awesome!
@KnowNicotine detailed the good the bad and the ugly. I learned a few new things and it was worth every penny to have access today!

I’m not ready to tweet about @KnowNicotine yet because I have too many feels. David Abrams is a national treasure. It’s awesome and Now we need the docuseries please @watchibex @Biebert

You deserve to #KnowNicotine

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