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Happy #smokefreesunday @RajaForCongress. When I started #vaping it took 36mg to keep me satisfied and off combustible cigarettes. Now I can stay smoke free using 3mg. #nicotine isn’t the villain.

Limiting nicotine would have kept me smoking cigarettes.

It's hard not putting the majority of my eggs in the UK basket. I'm rooting for you guys. #harmreduction


It was smokers that created and innovated #vaping forward. After decades of ineffective shaming, stigma, bans and taxes. Consumers decided to save themselves by the TENS OF MILLIONS.

With no help from government or tobacco control and I think that really upsets them #ego

In case you missed it...

Thousands of Canadians are at risk of losing critical health options after a deadly anti-science moral panic breached the highest levels of leadership in Ottawa.

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Just to drive this point home (again). Here's where we are now.

1.1 BILLION smokers (8 million deaths/year).
98 million Safer Nicotine Users (no deaths, ever)

Massive well-funded #MerchantsOfDoubt campaign now underway to reduce that 98 million...
@FCTCofficial @TheUnion_TBLH

I already did @lunguk VS @LungAssociation. I've realized you can do the American ( anything association ) VS the British ( anything association ) and it still works.

ALA says "switching" isn't "quitting". Where does Smoke Free Sheffield get the audacity to say otherwise?

Smokefree Sheffield@smokefreesheff

E-cigarettes are the most popular stop smoking aid in England, helping over 50,000 people quit each year. Here's why you should make the switch. #thread

Later tonight i'm doing a thing if you wanted to come hang out. It's literally always fun. 4:30pm PST.

To quote @Clive_Bates poorly but... what if legal age adults just want to consume #nicotine ?

Is society ready for people to recreationally consume nicotine much in the same way we recreationally consume wine or alcohol?

Vaping nicotine is astronomically safer than them

"vaping has not undermined the declines in adult smoking. Increasingly incorrect perceptions among the public about the harms of vaping could prevent some smokers using vaping products to quit smoking. A ban on flavored liquids could have adverse effects"

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