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Professor John Newton @PHE_uk “Thousands more could have quit except for unfounded safety fears about e-cigarettes. The evidence has been clear for some time that, while not risk-free vaping is far less harmful than smoking.” *mic drop 🎤

I like it when people use this argument. The doctors you are talking about, that first discovered the link between smoking and lung cancer, are the same doctors now saying #vaping is 95% less harmful than combustible tobacco cigarettes.


@Teamlucyodie @GrimmGreen Again: this same thinking was going on in the early stages of cigarettes. After years of them being around and nobody thinking anything of it, people started to notice the effects and you will find them in time, too. Don't fool yourself.

Happy #Smokefreesunday ! I don’t know if that is really a thing, but I’m going to use it. Staying combustion free today with some cruller doughnut flavor. While eating a doughnut. I’m 43 years old. #Vaping works.

Do you know which stop smoking aid had the highest quit success rate last year?

It was e-cigarettes! 60% - 74% of people who made the switch alongside support from their local stop smoking service quit for good.

See if #vaping could help you at

Shaping up to be a good one tonight. Would love to see you there. Tonight's retro vape is going to be straight up ridiculous. Also the #Vaping black market. #GrimmArmy FUN!

4:30pm pst / 7:30pm est +18 only

We are encouraged to see the theme for #SRNT2021 is "Social Justice and Action in Tobacco and Nicotine Science". It was one of the topics discussed in our film.

If you haven't seen it, you can use code "SRNT2021" for a free month:

The narrative that “flavored vapor products are designed to lure children” is baseless, disingenuous, harmful and quite honestly, just bullshit.

All human beings enjoy flavor. We have biological systems designed to TASTE GOOD THINGS.

Flavors make quitting smoking enjoyable.

Golden Oldies Capitol Tours@OldiesTours

Every Weds we like to feature the ladies of the vape space in our #WomenOfVapeWednesday series.

Know any women who have quit smoking through the use of vapor products? Have them reach out to lindsey at

#quitsmoking #womenwhovape #women

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