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THE MORE YOU KNOW: @Amelia_RH is a far better investigative journalist than @WSJ. Here she lays out the HUGE LIE behind the "Vaping Advocates on Twitter Are Mostly Bots" ANTZ propaganda...oh, sorry..."study" that has elicited yet another congressional committee investigation. https://t.co/a6U5VpSjdG

No. What’s important to us is that our movement be legitimate and taken seriously by those we address on Twitter. Your study is a deliberate attempt to delegitimize individuals and small businesses desperate to tell their important stories. https://t.co/3D3KUsII5e


CDC reports a 50%+ decline in smoking by 18-24 year-olds in just four years

Read more: https://t.co/xxbB1Y2ylZ #VapeBan

13 million VOTING ADULTS stopped smoking using #vaping in the United States


"But we should also definitely listen to these non contributing, non voting kids on this very important public health issue"

#WeVapeWeVote #theydont @realDonaldTrump

We know the prohibitionists will be on the wrong side of history with #vaping, I’m just looking forward to seeing how wrong.

Their bad decisions are already costing lives. @NYGovCuomo could have saved that poor kids life if he wasn’t lying about what was injuring people.

We have decided to remove our social media from our receipts and replace it with @GovEvers email. This way each of our customers can get in touch with their elected offical and tell him how #vapingsaveslives and that #WeVapeWeVote. @GregTHR @Hello_Alex @SuckMyMod @VaporTechAssoc

Thank you to @JavierEGomez1 for hosting me. Warnings about THC carts have abounded for weeks but NY's Gov. Cuomo felt it more important to attack #vaping rather than specifically call out THC carts. Now a 17 year old is dead. Another "so what" moment for @NYGovCuomo? https://t.co/gBiGbIsNYu

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